Kimberly Goughler

Brief Professional Biography:

UofL - Executive Coordinator of the Cardiovascular Innovation Institute (CII)

Kimberly has more than 20 years in management and a very diverse work history.  She began working on her management skills while employed for the Regional Credit Card Operations Center of Sears and Roebuck in 1991.  She specialized in training programs for incoming and existing employees, writing procedures, call models, as well as, constantly reviewing the collection process of the company to raise the customer retention level. 

In 1999 Kimberly began managing a multi-disciplinary medical facility.  The facility called for a assorted set of skills that included human resources, employee management, marketing, and customer service.  She was able to accept that challenge and assisted in growing the facility from a simple $500,000 profit margin to a multi-location 20 doctor facilities in under 3 years.  She collected old debt, created a new customer base and took a simple practice to thriving company.

Currently Kimberly is the Executive Coordinator of the Cardiovascular Innovation Institute (CII), collaboration between the University of Louisville and Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence.  She started at the University of Louisville in 2006 working in the development office for the Vice President before moving over to the CII in 2007 when the facility opened.  Kimberly is currently the Executive Coordinator for the Director, as well as, responsible for the facility’s security system and programming, building  management, building emergency, divisional guidelines, as well as, management of administrative activities within the executive office.