Terry Mattingly

Brief Professional Biography:

Terry Mattingly, Owner of Training & Coaching Specialists, is the former Owner/President of Human Development Co. which provides Employee Assistance Programs, Training, Coaching and Consulting to over one hundred and twenty corporate clients and organizations. Mr. Mattingly spent over thirty five years in corporate management practicing the skills he teaches. He is accredited by an international training company, the HayGroup, to coach and facilitate, using many instruments; including the Emotional Competency Inventory (ECI 360 degree assessment inventory). Mr. Mattingly attended the University of Louisville and graduated from Air University (USAF).

Presentation Description:

The goal of the workshop is to challenge managers to think about what they are trying to accomplish. How managing with emotional intelligence could help them accomplish their goals. It can help them to consider what negative payoffs might come from lack of emotional intelligence. The workshop includes a quiz and exercises. The exercises are designed for managers to think about how they treat those they manage and consider whether they would benefit from developing more skills. Participants will also look at ways to avoid sticky/difficult situations with employees. The workshop will be filled with interaction between the participant and the facilitators. Humor is used throughout the workshop to lift the energy of the participants.