Tricia Palm

Brief Professional Biography:

Tricia Palm is Vice President of Human Resources at Williams & Fudge. She joined the family of Williams & Fudge in May of 2006. Prior to her current position, from 1995-2006, she worked at an Oil Company, Managing the Human Resources Operations as well as the Safety Functions for a family business that wholesaled, retailed and distributed fuel oils.

Tricia has a broad background of experience in Human Resources, as well as being a adjunct faculty for 5 years, for St. Paul Technical College in St. Paul, MN. She is a Management Studies /Economics graduate from Cedar Crest College-Allentown, PA and has an HR Degree and certification from St. Paul Technical College and the University of MN.

As a USMC Wife of 31 years, a USMC Mother and Grandmother of two, she tends to keep work very interesting and lively. She loves the fact that there is never a dull moment.